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Established in February 1975 and located in Pasar Kemis, Tangerang City, PT. Angsa Daya only started operating in 1977 by producing pressed bricks.

Entering 1980, PT. Angsa Daya started to develop its business by producing glazed smooth ceramic tiles (Plant 1) using technology from Italy.

In 1982, it developed to produce glazed ceramic tiles and in the same year the company renovated and added machinery and factory equipment (Plant 2) in order to increase the capacity and quality of production.

in 1990 the company established a raw material supplier business group under the name PT. IKAD MINERINDO which is located in Cipanas, West Java and PT. IKADABADI SAHABAT which is located in Sukabumi, West Java. Then also established PT. SMALTINDO INDUSTRY as a business group partner in the field of producers and as the main supplier of glaze raw materials for the ceramic industry, located in Kutajaya Village, Pasar Kemis sub-district, Tangerang – Banten.

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